Run the dust dispersion model (for average wind inputs: 3 min, 30 min, 1 hour)

1. Double click the exe file:




2. Click Simulation then Dust Dispersion



3. input the parameters and click ok







4. give the output file name and click Ok



5. it will run about 1 minute and then give the graphic outputs and the file output






6. You can drag X or Y, Or Z slider to see the plume at different height or horizontal distances.


7. You can click on Color button or Zoom Button to see more options


8 Click on Color button then you will see



8. Then click Custom to show custom colors





9.  You can click Zoom to show other direction pictures



10. For example,  click Random rotation



11 Click XYZ radio button




11. You can also click 4D and other radio buttons to show different 3-d graphs



12. You can open other output files by clicking the colored folder button


13. chose the file and click Open


14. Then click yes



15. The loaded file graph




16 You can use Excel to open the output file.

Right click the file name and Open with Excel


17, the top two rows are inputs and model setup information.

Then the first column is the X coordinate, Then second column is the Y axis and then Z, the last column is the concentration (ug/m3)




The interface program of the model was adopted from: